Chinese Bubbles - CRAVVI Bubble for face and body massage

The Chinese bubble has been conquering the cosmetic world for several years, although it has been known for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Chinese cupping massage gives fantastic results on the appearance of the face and body, but it is also worth remembering about the beneficial effect of such a massage on the health of our body – both physical and mental.

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Ban Chinese in combination with a aromatic oils, is an ancient method of massage that has taken over modern beauty  and home offices. ways to take care of the complexion and skin of the body.

The Chinese bubble massage cannot be overestimated, its advantages are enormous. Bubble:

  • uelastify and firm the skin

  • improve circulation and skin color

  • perform lymph flow and help get rid of puffiness

  • purify skin pores and remove toxins from skin tissues

  • dudish wrinkles, fine lines on sensitive parts of the face and décolleté and hands

  • dissolv muscle tension, making the skin firm, smooth and beautiful in colour

  • bubble massage naturally stimulates cells to renew and produce collagen


CRAVVI Bubble are accessories of traditional Chinese medicine.

Also used to get rid of muscle tension and stress - massage is also recommended for people who work physically and mentally and people who feel tired.

Testacts clearly show that Chinese cupping massages effectively affect well-being, muscle relaxation and skin condition.




  • soves with vascular skin

  • skin with irritation

  • cose veins

  • if wounds are found

  • pregnant woman


  • Color: Różowy

  • Material: silicone

  • Quantity: 5 pcs  (3 large+2 small)

  • Product size: approx. 8.0x3.7 ckubek (Large)

  • Product size: approx. 5.0x1.5 cm  kubek(Small)

  • Subdidity: 10.0*10.0*4.0 cm

  • Package weight: 42g

  • Łatwe w użyciu a efekty widać po kilku razach. Szybka wysyłka, miła obsługa. Paczkę otrzymałam następnego dnia
    Blanka (2021-07-06)
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  • Świetne bańki, działają delikatniej niż bańki szklane. Wykonane są z przyjemnego dla skóry silikonu. Super pobudzają skórę podczas porannego masażu. Polecam z całego serca.
    Agnieszka M. (2021-06-08)
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  • Nawet przyjemne w zastosowaniu a efekty widoczne :)
    Magda (2019-11-04)
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  • Łatwe w zastosowaniu, ujędrniają skórę. Szybka wysyłka. Polecam!
    Sonia (2019-10-30)
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