Santai - Kremy do Twarzy - Każda cera, niezależnie od jej rodzaju, wymaga naszej uwagi i troski

The needs of our skin are diverse, but they have one common denominator, which is hydration. Every skin needs this hydration to stay in good shape. Knowing this timeless truth, we should consciously choose a cosmetic and pay close attention to its composition. The more ingredients in our cream responsible for proper hydration, the greater the efficiency in providing the skin with precious water. We will find it in cosmetics in various effective and desirable forms. Clean water in the composition is a very important position, but it is worth paying attention to the company in which it occurs. Hydrosols are also a very desirable form of water in the cream. These are ingredients that, apart from pure water, have a lot of valuable properties derived from the plants from which they were formed. Another valuable element are substances that will not only moisturize, but also effectively support the penetration of water into the skin and allow it to be retained in deep parts to strengthen and prolong the moisturizing effect. D-panthenol has an invaluable effect in this area, which also has a soothing effect, so it is ideal if the skin also needs soothing. Another boon is triple hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin, and applied from the outside effectively supports our own resources. Not without significance are also carefully selected and selected natural oils, which, in addition to providing many vitamins, will also take care of maintaining the moisturizing effect for longer.

In addition to hydration, which we absolutely must take care of, it is also worth thinking about counteracting the effects of external factors affecting our skin and the signs of the passage of time. The active substances found in the face cream next to the ingredients that care about maintaining the correct level of hydration will come to our aid. Particularly valuable in this case is coenzyme Q10, which is a very strong antioxidant and effectively fights against free radicals. Vitamin E contained in the cosmetic is also a guarantee of anti-aging protection.